Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jewish Humor

This bears repeating:

Top Ten Ways Obama Can Win Back the Jewish Vote

10. Shows up to the UN next week wearing a "No Palestinian Chicken" T-shirt

9. Writes a stirring Op Ed to the NYTimes promoting a Spitzer/Weiner 2016 Ticket

8. Hits up a Tashlich social scene

7. Reaches out to Jews the way they feel it most: YouTube Acapella

6. Sicks Navy Seal Team 6 on Mel Gibson

5. Launches a Shabbos Kindle and promotes it with: YES YOU CAN!

4. One night stand with a Jewish intern

3. Has Jimmy Carter put to sleep

2. Decides not to work on Yom Kippur

1. Two Words: Free Gilad

Hey, Free Pollard,, too!


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