Monday, September 26, 2011

Weiss - Wipe Yourself

Anti-Zionist and anti-Israel Philip Weiss of Mondeweiss illustrates the mindset of his ilk in this description of how he sneaks back into Israel from Ramallah at the Hizma crossing:

A soldier stood strangely bent over a semiautomatic weapon at the ready, the barrel gleaming in the streetlights. “Pure racial profiling,” said my Israeli friend. And of course a checkpoint on our side too, to keep the Palestinians on the West Bank. I didn’t even notice the soldier's wave, as we slid through. He did this with his hand, my friend mimed. "Because we look Israeli." Behind us a car with a woman wearing a hijab got pulled over for questioning.

This is not racial profiling.

It's is ratiomnal logic.

If you are at a security crosspoint looking for Arab terrorists do you look for Arabs or Jews? Do you stop and strip search everyone?

And, by-the-by, he throws this in:

The new electric tram to bring settlers into the city from the Jerusalem settlements.

But his geography is weak:

And let's be clear. I say Jerusalem, but the municipal border is miles east of those 1967 lines that President Obama mentioned back in May, and then had to eat. We passed through several gleaming Jewish neighborhoods built to encircle the city-- Givat Benjamin. French Hill. Pisgat Zeev.

a) "miles"? Not really.

b) Givat Benjamin? Where is that?

And then he returns to his hate and self-hate speech:

...when you are driving an hour out of your way past the hilltop settlements and the divided roads, and the barbed wire festooned with tattered plastic bags and the wall and the guard towers, you think of apartheid, and of ancient ghettoes in Europe...the architecture of East Jerusalem, of racial separation and colonization and cultural anxiety and persecution. Some day the American press will discover it.

Wheter its spittle or worse, Philip Weiss, wipe yourself.


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Anonymous said...

Kol Hakavod. That MW site is full of the most blatant anti-semites. I wish there was a way to notify the Shabak or police about these people so they can be barred from entering Israel.

Another site to go after is the israelis at +072. We need to let everyone in Israel know that among them live people who support boycotting Jews. We should boycott them. Let their neighbours know who they are.