Friday, September 23, 2011

What Happened to Those Arab Olive Trees?

The annual "Jews-destroyed/cut down/burned/chopped up/dug up-Arab-olive-trees" festival has begun.

But take a look at this picture:

You are viewing part of 1000 dunams under development by Jews in the Shiloh Bloc, just outside Shvut Rachel and south of Achiyah.

Six of those rows of olive trees belong to a resident of Jaloud.

Jaloud is an Arab village.

Every year, in the arrangement negotiated by the IDF, the owner comes and harvests his crop and also tends to his trees.

And every time, some Jewish-owned trees are found to have been damaged.

Another form of Arab terror.




YMedad said...

since you seem to read my blog religiously, you know

a) very few land has been actually privately owned by Arabs

b) they conquered and occupied the area

c) we don't need the Bible, the Ottoman Land Laws declared most of the land "state lands".

d) we are in no way inferior, vis a vis property rights as Arabs for the most part

e) we were prevented though from buying in centuries past.

forget the Bible and learn modern history, dude.

YMedad said...

Your ass?

My ass!

How does Palestinian land belong to a crowd of Jews from Brooklyn?

Ha. To all Jews. We don't discriminate like you - between Sunnis and Shiites, Shiites and Alawis, Alawis and Assyrians, Muslims and Copts, etc.

Do you as a Jew automatically own land anywhere else in the world based on the Bible? It's a total joke.

Ha. No. Just in Eretz-Yisrael. You're the joke.

State lands my ass. What difference does that make? You don't live in Israel. It isn't your land. It can never be your land.

I do live in Israel and besiudes, that's what international law decided since you Arabs always talk about legality, etc.

Where'd the Arabs come from? Arabian Peninsula. You own the whole world too?

Do you own my house too?

Anonymous said...

Where'd the Arabs come from? Arabian Peninsula

Who do you think lived there between AD70 and AD 637? The people that have always lived there. The Palestinians.

Where were the Yiddish crowd?

YMedad said...

You give me such pleasure exhibiting your ignorance.

The short version:

Turkish Palestine part of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, still called Judea or Judah.

438 Turkish Empress Eudocia allows Jews back to Temple site

614 Iran Persian conquest under Chosroes (with the support of a Jewish army).

628 "Palestine" reconquered by the Byzantines

633-637 Syrian Arab conquest; shortly afterward, attempt by Jews to restore their nation.

- In the centuries after Bar Kochba and Hadrian, some of the most significant creations of the Jewish spirit were produced in Palestine. It was then that the Mishnah was completed and the Jerusalem Talmud was compiled, and the bulk of the community farmed the land.

- sources name forty-three Jewish communities in Palestine in the sixth century: twelve towns on the coast, in the Negev, and east of the Jordan, and thirty-one villages in Galilee and in the Jordan valley.

The Jews' thoughts at every opportunity turned to the hope of national restoration. In the year 351, they launched yet another revolt, provoking heavy retribution When, in 438, the Empress Eudocia removed the ban on Jews' praying at the Temple site, the heads of the Community in Galilee issued a call "to the great and mighty people of the Jews" which began: "Know that the end of the exile of our people has come"!

In the belief of restoration to come, the Jews made an alliance with the Persians who invaded Palestine in 614, fought at their side, overwhelmed the Byzantine garrison in Jerusalem, and for three years governed the city

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians are the descendants of those people, you clown. The people who lived under the Byzantines.

Are the Turks all from Central Asia ?

Zionism vs logic . There can only be one winner.

Anonymous said...

The Jews were a minority honey. I don't believe there was a Jewish state in Palestine post ad70 but perhaps you can enlighten me. and how many Jews were there by AD 1500?
Most of them had converted hadn't they ?

anyway you got your Jewish state. You want all the land. You are going to lose your Jewish sovereignty. All because of deluded irredentists like you.

YMedad said...

Dear Anon. 8:21 - rationality and logic are required, dear.

of course we were a minority. we lost, within 80 years, two major wars against Rome and our political independence. no one argues that. but Jews continued to live in the country but when the Arabs arrived in 638, ehtnic cleansing and economic disenfranchisment began.

as for a "state", was there a "Palestinian state" ever? never.

as for converting - not true.

as for "all the land" - a) we yielded in 1922 when TransJordan was lopped off; b) the Zionist leadership agreed in principle to the 1937 Partition; c) in 1947, again Partition was accepted by Jews. d) Sinai handed over to Egypt; e) 2005 - Disengagement from Gaza. But Arabs never satisfied.

Get your head screwed on right if you want to argue.