Sunday, September 18, 2011

A 'Sparkling' If Underreported Speech

Melanie Phillips' speech (which I blogged briefly here) was termed by the Jerusalem Post as "sparkling".

But I feel the speech was underreported.

We are informed that

In her B’nai B’rith World Center’s “Jerusalem Address”...Phillips proposed that Israel change its diplomatic tack by adopting an offensive rather than a defensive position.

and one can find many examples there.

However, missing entirely was her brilliant analysis of why Israel cannot be accepted by the intelligentsia, the academics, the smart people.

In short, her entire portrayal of the decline of Western civilization in a most snivelling way in the face of Islam combined with such a broad approach to multi-culturalism is ignored.

Of course, her writings allude to this central point and, in my words, what she asserts is that the opposition to Israel and its policies are very rarely predicated on actual fact and reality or on a rational analysis of the situation.

Rather, it is a perverted outlook, and immoral, for while England has accepted the 'Other' from all countries and races and ethnicities, the Jew, nevertheless, remains still an unaccepted 'Other'. And that, one can say, is basically antisemitism.

Those who claim they only oppose Israel, Zionism, etc., but not Jews are lying. Their opposition stems from antisemitism.

I think that is a major theme that cannot be ignored when reporting on Melanie's thinking.

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