Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Resource for the Three US Senators in Palestine in 1936

Remember my post on the three US Senators visitng Mandate Palestine in the summer of 1936?

From the JTA:

August 26, 1936

Senators in Palestine Promise “unprejudiced Report” for U.S.

HAIFA, Aug. 25 (JTA) – Three United States Senators, who arrived here Sunday for an unofficial survey of present activity in Palestine, declared today that they intend to "file an unprejudiced report which would be helpful to millions of Americans interested in the upbuilding of Palestine."

In a joint press statement, Senators Royal S. Copeland of New York, Warren R. Austin of Vermont and Daniel O. Hastings of Delaware, stated that "we are unbiased towards any part of the population and we are appealing to all sections of the land to assist us in finding out the true situation."

Looking forward to restoration of peace in the Holy Land, the Senators said they hoped that "the country would profit by this survey." They recalled a communication sent by Lord Balfour, author of the Jewish Homeland Declaration to the then Secretary of State, Charles E. Hughes, in 1921 in which the British statesman expressed the hope that the United States "would facilitate the burden loaded on the British government in Palestine."

"America has helped in full measure the recent Palestine prosperity by which all sections of the country have benefited," the senators added.


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