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US-American Relations in 1936 and in the Future

The two photographs below show a group of American Senators and their wives visiting Jerusalem in 1936 first, at the Western Wall and then on the Temple Mount:

Here it notes that "In 1936 [Austin] went to Palestine to study conditions under the League of Nations Mandate."

At this moment of posting I cannot identify them but will be investigating.

[UPDATE: Royal S. Copeland of NY, Warren R. Austin of Vermont, Daniel O. Hastings of Delaware]

Two more:

Above: (l-r) Hastings; Austin; Copeland.

And here's one probably at the Consulate Building on Agron Street (then Mamilla Road).

Here's something relevant:

The United States must accept a share of blame in the "horrible record of murders and destructive acts" in Palestine, in the opinion of Senators Royal S. Copeland of New York and Warren R. Austin of Vermont, who returned today on the Italian liner Conte di Savoia after an unofficial study of conditions in the Holy Land. In a jointly issued statement the senators said that the United States “government cannot be held blameless until it calls sharply to the attention of Great retain our feeling that the mandate is not being administered as it should be. No matter how pressing may be the demands of a Presidential election, time out must e taken to have the atrocities in Palestine stopped.” The senators descried the security measures as being “lax” and expressed the view that a New York police official backed by 1,000 officers and 200 detectives could reestablish law and order in the wake of Arab violence.

Since I have hosted in the past Senators Jesse Helms and Chick Hecht, accompanied former Senator David Durenberger on a visit to Beth El, met with former New Jersey Senator Jon Corzine at the Jerusalem Consulate-General, among others, it seems there's a long tradition of this.

I have hopes of creating a more formal framework to maintain relations between American citizens and our representatives especially on matters relating to our residency in Judea and Samaria.

You can catch the pics here.


From Austin's staement at the UN 1948: is clear that the Security Council is not prepared to go ahead with efforts to implement this plan in the existing situation. We had a vote on that subject and only five votes could be secured for that purpose.

The Security Council now has before it clear evidence that the Jews and Arabs of Palestine and the mandatory power cannot agree to implement the General Assembly plan of partition through peaceful means. The announced determination of the mandatory power to terminate the mandate on 15 May 1948, if carried out by the United Kingdom, would result, in the light of information now available, in chaos, heavy fighting and much loss of life in Palestine. The United Nations cannot permit such a result. The loss of life in the Holy Land must be brought to an immediate end. The maintenance of international peace is at stake.

The United States fully subscribes to the conclusion reached by the four permanent members that the Security Council should make it clear to the parties and governments concerned that the Security Council is determined not to permit the situation in Palestine to threaten international peace and, further, that the Security Council should take further action by all means available to it to bring about the immediate cessation of violence and the restoration of peace and order in Palestine.

I'm sure this article has a mention. And it seems there's a recounting of the visit: "PALESTINE AS WE SEE IT" [Paperback], Senator Royal S. Copeland (Author), Publisher: American Newspaper Inc. (1936) and this too: The Crisis in Palestine: Reports of Hearst Unofficial Senatorial CommissionRS Copeland, WR Austin… - 1936.

With special thanks to Katherine Scott, Ph.D., Assistant Historian, U.S. Senate Historical Office


I now (2017) found this:

The Consul at Jerusalem ( Wadsworth to the Secretary of State

I learned 3 days ago that Senators Copeland,14 Austin15 and Hastings,16accompanied by their wives, a female secretary, and Isaac Don Levine as publicity agent, will arrive Haifa Sunday morning on 2 weeks visit to investigate Palestine situation. Local inquiries elicited information that preceding day President Magnes, Hebrew University, received telegram requesting him reserve hotel accommodations and inform head Political Department, Jewish Agency; also [Page 447]that Hadassah, New York, has telegraphed suggesting that Dr. Copeland would wish to visit Zionist hospitals and health centers.
A local committee of five representative Americans (leading Zionists) has been formed to meet party on arrival and has planned propaganda visits to Jewish colonies before proceeding Jerusalem. Meanwhile, I asked Consul General at Alexandria where party arrived yesterday to keep me in touch with developments. Today Legation Cairo telegraphed party has been organized and financed by Hearst.17 This is confirmed by New York Times correspondent Levy who suggests junket designed to appeal to Jewish vote in coming Presidential elections through pro-Jewish propaganda and neutralization former Hearst Nazi-philia.
This afternoon Chief Secretary of the Palestine Government expressed surprise that neither he, through issuing British visa office, nor I had heard from our Governments. He is reporting matter to London and requests that I inform the Department. He takes position on grounds of safety alone that the party cannot be permitted to tour country. With this I fully concur, particularly in view of present recrudescence of terrorism and especially as Zionists are sponsoring tour.

And this.


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