Saturday, November 20, 2010

Joan Baez Drops From On High

Folk legend Joan Baez was recovering last night after falling 20 feet from a treehouse in her garden.

The Sixties singer was taken to hospital after she slipped and fell to the ground while climbing down from the oak tree which sits in behind her California home.  She was taken by ambulance to Stanford Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries and is now 'resting comfortably', according to a spokesperson.

Joan, who turns 70 next January, had the treehouse built in an 200-year-old oak tree behind her California home and often sleeps there, weather permitting.  The singer said she wanted the tree for somewhere to meditate, write, and be 'close to nature'.  She said: 'I sleep in a tree all summer long. I climb up on a ladder, with ropes and things. The birds are right there in the morning. Sometimes they're flying so close to my head I can feel the wind. Those things are heaven to me.'


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