Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chanukah Happened in Judea and Samaria

A map displaying the sites of the campaigns and victories of the Maccabim.


Backseat Blogger said...

nice graphic. where's it from and is it available in english?

Daniel M. Wright said...

Shalom Yisrael,

I visited Shilo in February 2005 with my tour group. We were at the site of the Mishkan for a couple of hours. As for the events of Chanukah happening in the Shomron and Judea, well of course! This is what the nations fail to see. Folks like Ahmahdinijad failing to "understand why" the Jews want to even BE in "Palestine" ... I mean really? Someone close to him should get him a copy of the Tanakh in Farsi. Anyway. Very nice little map you have displayed ... Is there a better/larger one available? And perhaps in ENGLISH? Just askin. By the way, I salute you for living IN the Shomron ... you and all Israel remain in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Chanukah!

YMedad said...

a) thanks
b) i think they're working on it