Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Ultimate Shiksa Quiz

Who was born in New York City, the daughter of a speech teacher and educational/family therapist, and a venture capitalist. On her father's side, she is a descendant of a judge, of Endicott Peabody (the founder of the Groton School), William Ellery (a signer of the Declaration of Independence), and the Reverend John Lathrop. She is also the first cousin once removed of an actress, a niece of a writer, a sister of an actor and a and half-sister of jazz guitarist Mike Stern. Her father was Episcopalian and of English heritage. She graduated from Friends Seminary and attended Sarah Lawrence College. She transferred from Sarah Lawrence to the University of Southern California, graduating with a theater degree.

And, she is Jewish?

She is:-

She's Kyra Sedgwick, who, in a 1996 interview referred to herself as

"an all-American Jewish WASP actress"


Unknown said...

my brother (a jewish writer in NYC) met her and Kevin Bacon. he said she was a very nice person

Unknown said...

btw... you failed to mention that she is the sister of a more famous Sedgwick of Warhola fame.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Nice! 100% American!

Naomi Litvin said...

I'm surprised to see 'cleavage' on your site. You are the man of mystery!

YMedad said...

As for the cleavage, I had to exhibit proof that this Episcopalian was actually Jewish.

daniel levine said...

Your, not you're

YMedad said...