Monday, November 29, 2010

J Street: Imposing By Force

I've been alerted to this J Street letter that says, in essence, screw the talks, who needs negotiations:

We are urging the Administration to focus – with or without resuming direct negotiations and/or a 90-day extension of the moratorium – on delineating an agreed-upon border between the state of Israel and the state-to-be of Palestine, and on proposals for meeting the full range of Israeli security needs in the face of the threats it faces.

The United States should make clear now that the border will be based on the 1967 lines, creating a Palestinian state on the equivalent of 100 percent of the land beyond the 1967 Green Line with one-to-one land swaps. If the sides are unable to reach agreement, the United States should present a proposal to both sides that adheres to those parameters, asking for a yes-or-no decision.

Only a border can make clear where each side can legally build and where Israel will begin to withdraw. As border and security arrangements are implemented, negotiations can then continue on all other outstanding issues.

This is a moment of truth for the President and the parties.

It's time to step back from an approach that hasn't worked and only serves the interests of those who seek delay rather than a deal.

It's time for a bold new American strategy before it's too late.

Is J Street "pro-Israel"?

Nope, pro-Obama:-

We have stood shoulder to shoulder with President Obama as he has repeatedly pushed both sides toward negotiations. Our community taken hundreds of thousands of actions in support of the President's vision of Middle East peace and his active efforts to make it a reality from day one.

As my friends note:

J Street spent the past two years in unison with Obama making "settlements" the centerpiece of the conflict. Now J Street wants to move them off to the sidelines and focus on other things. It bears repeating over and over again that J Street is now contradicting everything it's said and done over the past two years. This is not a credible policy organization.


Actually, I think J Street is being consistent: Presto Palestine has always been their mantra. I was never quite sure whether J Street was the lobbyist for Obama or the other way around. Even if O goes south (in their eyes), J Street is committed to the creation of a Palestinian state as soon as possible - actually, much sooner than possible.


the J Streeters are nothing but hegomonic colonialists - imposing their geopolitical goals now by force!

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Anonymous said...

they are such toadies to Obama that they admit that they favor Obama's "vision" of "peace," not the vision of either or both of the parties on the ground. it ought to be asked in regard to this petition of theirs, just what is so good about Obama's vision. Is he still a "god" to these creepy groupies of Obama??

It might also be pointed out that Western powers, both the EU and USA, have helped to prolong conflict over the years, funding the PLO/PA no matter what they did and now making goo-goo eyes at Hamas. This was done by funding the PA, including arafat, and helping to fund and organize all sorts of anti-Israel NGOs, encouraging older NGOs like Amnesty to take a hard anti-Israel line. Let's not forget the military aid for the PA over the years, starting while yasser a. was still alive.