Monday, November 29, 2010

See All The "Settlements"

Found at Hagit Ofran's blog:-

You see all those dots inside the walled city of Jerusalem?

"Settlers' residences"?  In the Old City?  Where Jews have lived, almost continuously, since the destruction of the Temple and the defeat of the Bar Kochba Revolt except when foreign rulers, conquerors, occupiers have banned and prohibited Jews from dwelling there?  Where all Jews lived in Jerusalem untill the mid-1800s when Jews began moving out of the walled city?

Those are "settlements"?

So, this is what Peace Now has come to.

No loyalty to Jewish history, no dedication to Jewish rights, no consideration of human rights.

So, do we adopt my proposal - to refer to Arab residential locations in Israel as "Arab settlements"?


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Daniel said...

I like all the red dots. Let them grow and let Peace Now continue their outmarriage and yerida