Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Join Peace Now And Save Jerusalem, As It Were

I checked Peace Now's website for any posters or flyers like the one below (yes, also in Hebrew) so it really must be new.

The first side shows a schematic map of Jerusalem, "West" and "East" and claims that the 'settlers' are making Jerusalem into a bi-national city.  Unfortunately, they can't distinguish between citizenship and nationality.
Jewish families are residing amongst Arab ones!
And the call is: Jerusalemties assume responsibility and save the city.

At least the Mt. of Olives 2000-year old Jewish cemetery isn't makred as a "settlement".

The reverse side call for people to join Peace Now as there still is a cahnce for peace, if PN's struggle is successful:

Oh, and that map has the Old City sort of unique in grey and the Temple Mount or, in the Hebrew, Har Habayit, is missing.  It is only El-Aqsa.


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Anonymous said...

Peace Now are a bunch of treife eating kapos predisposed to yerida or intermarried if they are their American supporters . Thank goodness for intermarriage and yerida - as Clemenza in the Godfather said (I'm paraphrasing) "it gets rid of the bad blood"