Sunday, September 25, 2011

Have We A "Between-The-Sheets" Affair? Milky Blair?

That's what's claimed.

Story here:

Tony Blair’s intriguing friendship with one of the richest divorcees in Israel... and how Cherie was warned of ‘a sexy conspiracy’

...Ofra Strauss, 51, who divorced her second husband last year, is the head of a £1.3billion food company whose high prices triggered the biggest social protests in Israel’s history.  She has been seen so often in Mr Blair’s company that the Israeli press has even speculated openly that they are having an affair.

It is an allegation Ms Strauss’s spokesman yesterday angrily denied, while Mr Blair too is adamant there is ‘nothing improper’ in the pair’s relationship.

...The apparent closeness between Ms Strauss and Mr Blair is such that earlier this year a columnist for Maariv, a highly respected daily Hebrew newspaper, went so far as to write an ‘open letter’ to Mr Blair’s wife Cherie, suggesting she might like to clarify the nature of the relationship.

‘For the information of Mrs Blair,’ the article began. ‘Very, very quietly this weekend, the official car allocated to Tony Blair by the Quartet glided through the gates of Ofra’s house, which is protected by tight security measures… all kinds of bad people have called me trying to suggest this visit had the character of a sexy conspiracy, so I’m handing the matter over to you to handle personally.’

...Ms Strauss’s spokesman, Rani Rahav, said it was ‘ridiculous’ for anyone to suggest there was any romantic element to her dealings with Mr Blair. ‘There was never any skin between them, never. I have never been asked such an ugly question before.’

...In Israel, being friends with Ms Strauss is seen as politically controversial.

Oh well, chalk that up to money, if you ask me, not sex appeal.


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