Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Celebrating" With Stones

This is the picture of the results of Arabs throwing stones at a civilian vehicle traveling today between the Tpuach Junction and Migdalim to Keida:

Shomron Regional Council

The rock smashed the window and pieces of glass lacerated the infant's face.

It is difficult to think that human beings knowlingly decided to act in such a way. 

In 2002, a 5-month old infant, Yehuda Shoham of Shiloh, was killed by a stone that crushed his head.

This is the result of Arab violence, of Arab hate.



Anonymous said...

This is an outrage!!
To commit violence to one of this age is to give up ones own right to life and liberty. I hope the civilians are able to arm and defend themselves as they drive in this area from now on.

Anonymous said...

both sides commit atrocities on each other, blame the politicians and gov ministers on both sides for the continued violence.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that does not consider this a sick act is stupid. Hurting a child is never a good idea. Adults can fight it out but do not hurt a child that has nothing to do with this 2000 year old fight.

One side or the other needs to be destroyed for peace! I prefer the muslim side go away