Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ken Galal is Back and the NYTimes Is Biased

I first stumbled over Ken Galal in 2008.

Well, he's back in the Letters-to-the-Editor section of the NYTimes:

The fault for any “train wreck” that results from a Palestinian statehood bid will fall squarely on American shoulders, given more than four decades of indulging Israel’s illegal settlement expansion and occupation of Palestinian land.

Over the years, the United States has cast dozens of United Nations Security Council vetoes on behalf of Israel that have enabled and perpetuated Israel’s violation of Palestinian rights, undermined the rule of law, eroded America’s moral authority and defied common sense.

The United States has always maintained that it stands beside those seeking freedom and human rights through peaceful means. We should be mindful of the message we send to the world by our efforts to thwart legitimate Palestinian attempts to attain statehood through United Nations channels.

Two days ago, I sent this letter to the NYTimes:

Your editorial's assertion, that President Barack Obama's policy "that Israel’s pre-1967 borders...should be the basis of any peace agreement...[is] the basis of every deal sought by American presidents for more than a decade" ("Israel and New York’s Ninth District", Sept. 15) is wrong in that it ignores Mr. Obama's exact wording of that policy.

On May 19 this year, your own newspaper's headline in reporting Obama's pronouncement was "Obama Sees ’67 Borders as Starting Point for Peace Deal". If the 1967 ceasefire lines are to be the "start", many rightfully ask where is the end? Need Israel retreat further, to the 1947 UN Partition Lines, as some Palestinians demand? Can Israel move eastward, further past the Green Line? We are puzzled. Moreover, your reporters noted that this formula "created a new benchmark for a diplomatic solution". It is, indeed, new and for Israelis in the streets and in corridors of power, Obama's formula was unsettling.

It was...not printed.

Need I say or suggest more?

Okay, I will.

The NYTimes is a biased newspaper and will not give Jews who live in Judea and Samaria a fair deal.


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