Saturday, September 24, 2011

Qusra - The Ecstasy of Violence

Haaretz reported:

Report: Palestinian killed in West Bank clashes with Israeli forces

Palestinians report 35-year-old man killed near Nablus by IDF fire

Israeli security forces shot dead a Palestinian in the West Bank on Friday during a confrontation between Palestinians and settlers in the village of Qusra, a local Palestinian official said.

Hany Abu Murad, the mayor of the village where the violence occurred, named the dead person as Essam Kamal Badran, 35. The incident occurred in Qusra, southeast of the Palestinian city of Nablus.

The JPost adds:

The Ma’an News Agency identified the dead man as Issam Kamal Odeh, 33, and said he was shot by two bullets in the neck and shoulder during clashes with the IDF troops near Qusra and not far from the city of Nablus.

The IDF confirmed that it was operating in the area and had been working to quell violent protests which erupted outside the village with the participation of around 300 Palestinians. The military said that soldiers used various riot dispersal means including live fire. Two other Palestinians were also reported to have been injured.

Here's the IDF report:

IDF Spokesperson AnnouncementFor Immediate Release
September 23rd, 2011 17:45
Events Following Violent Riot near Qusra

A mutual rock hurling incident that occurred earlier this afternoon between Israeli civilians and approximately 300 Palestinians near the village of Qusra incited a violent riot, during which Palestinians hurled rocks at security personnel. During the riot, security personnel used riot dispersal means and eventually, live fire. As a result, Palestinian sources reported that three rioters were injured. Initial reports suggest that one of them was wounded and subsequently, passed away.  The IDF and the Palestinian Security Authority is jointly investigating the

The Pal. version, with pictures, is here.  Note - not one displays a burning field or damaged olive trees.

There are ridiculous claims, like this one:

Once arrested, Fathi Hassan explained, settlers from the outpost had asked the soldiers detaining them for permission to beat the two boys. The soldiers did not interfere and so the settlers began stoning the boys whilst their hands where cuffed behind their backs.


Remi Yusef Faiz Hassan, age 35, was shot with 4 rubber bullets and one dum dum from 2 meters as he peacefully walked to soldiers to ask why they allow the settlers to enter his village and burn his trees.

One correction of this:

the nearby outpost of Esh Kodesh (“Holy Head”)

The Hebrew, אש קדש, translates as Holy Fire, and is refers to the book of Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira.

Just a week ago, there was an incident and as I have blogged, there is a heightened frenzy in Qusra.  In March, it was claimed

In the afternoon of the 7th of March 2011, villagers from Qusra, south of Nablus, were attacked by settlers from the surrounding illegal outposts who shortly were accompanied by the Israeli army.

Silly.  Last August, though, Arabs from Qusra/Kuzra burned Jewish fields.

A group of 8 have banded together and are leading a 'home guard' and are imagining attacks when there are none and are leading to provocations which only cause themselves damgae and injury and now death.

We know this from hearing the phone calls Arab residents receive, alerting them to supposed burnings and destructions, whipping them up.

Will someone intervene with Qusra Arabs and put them into proportion?


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