Thursday, September 22, 2011

When Kosher is Funny

While having dinner just now, I was watching Rush Hour 2 and saw, for the first time the scene on the plane when being served food, he asks if it is Kosher.

Searching, I found this:

The scene where Carter gets the kosher meal was originally scripted to have Carter ask if Lee "want some of my gefilte fish?" after the stewardess left. But Chris Tucker couldn't pronounce "gefilte", so the scene never made the final cut (outtakes of this scene are in the end credits).

From the original script:

Chris Tucker: "Is this the kosher meal?"
Flight Attendent: "Yes sir, thot's our kosher meal?"
Chris Tucker: "What's the name of it?"
: "Gefilte, gefilte fish."
Chris Tucker: "Gafilka fish. Locks and Bagles. This is my faverite. What's the name of this stuff?"
: "Gefilte fish."
Chris Tucker: "Gafilka fish. Oh, what's the name of this fish?"
: "Gefilte fish."
Chris Tucker: "Gafilka, gafilte. You know what this is? What is it?"
: "Gefilte fish."
Chris Tucker: "It's filte fish. Filte fish, you want some of my filte fish? You want any of this shi... Uh what's the name of this fish?"
: "Gefilte fish."
Chris Tucker: "(Laughs)"
: "Gefilte fish!"
Chris Tucker: "Gafilte Fish, alright. okay."
Bret Ratner: "Gefilte fish. I love this stuff."
Chris Tucker: "I really don't. You'll have black people all over the world eating this. Who eats locks and Bagles? I'll have sowe filte fish."

In another scene, while going into another restaurant to talk to a contact and find out if his money is countereit, he also notes he prefers kosher food.



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