Friday, September 16, 2011

Horrors! A Jew in the BBC?

Thanks to Daphne, I know, and you now know that there is:

a strong and sometimes violent dislike of Israel is a fact of Egyptian life...

something the reporter was unfortunate enough to discover:-

...the BBC's Thomas Dinham, reporting from Cairo, tells us frankly of increasing antisemitism there, and adds:

'While walking in the street someone pushed me from behind with such force that I nearly fell over.

Turning around, I found myself surrounded by five men, one of whom tried to punch me in the face. I stopped the attack by pointing out how shameful it was for a Muslim to assault a guest in his country, especially during Ramadan.

Relieved that a seemingly random assault was over, I was appalled by the apology offered by one of my assailants. "Sorry," he said contritely, offering his hand, "we thought you were a Jew."

Shaking his head in disbelief on hearing the news, an Egyptian friend sympathised: "That's stupid, you are obviously not a Jew."

The chilling implication I was left with was that, had I been Jewish, the assault would have apparently been justified.'

My, my.

Egypt has sprung its antisemitism.


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