Friday, December 24, 2010

Wall Posters - The Latest From the Hareidi Communities

This one renews the demand that modest women wear a shawl over their shoulders and upper body from a decade ago:-

And this one prohibits listening to any radio, even the so-called "holy stations":-



Backseat Blogger said...

i'm confused. yr post is headlined with "the latest..." and then has a couple of pics.

the first is from 10 years ago and the second is without a date.

r they both from 10 years ago?

if they are, r they really the latest? :)

YMedad said...

Trust me, when I write "latest" I mean they were distibuted and published this past week. That they are old is irrelevant, although I did note "renewed" on the shawl one. If they are being pushed again, they are still the leatest.

Thanks for allowing me to clarify that for others who may have been confused.