Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ghasan Again

This fellow Ghasan Deglis/Daghlis gets paid for "creative thinking".

He now claims:

Israeli settlers seize 20 dunums near Nablus .

Israeli settlers from Shiloh settlement seized on Sunday 20 dunums from Khrba Sera, in the south of eastern area of Nablus.

The official of the settlement file in the West Bank, Ghasan Deglis, said that numbers of Israeli settlers are in the seized area and plowing the land...

Well, I now have to call up and find out what my friends and neighbors are doing but since he has been notoriously wrong and a teller of falsehoods, this is getting a bit extreme.


Ghasan, there is a small grain of truth in your tale.

This morning, three youngsters, without permission, attempted to plough about 1.5 dunams of land that had lain fallow for years on the borderline of Shiloh's area. Members of Shiloh's community board stopped them and asked that the Civil Administration intervene and to determine what the legal situation is.

Irresponsible individuals were involved and responsible community leaders ended the situation.


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