Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Myth of 5%


Avishay Braverman [is] a big, burly man with a voluble and forceful manner, he is a member of the minority Labor Party within the generally right-wing coalition government of Benjamin Netanyahu. A former president of Ben-Gurion University, he unashamedly wants to replace Ehud Barak as leader of the Labor Party.

...Braverman's offer to the Palestinians would be very much like those of former prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Barak. Braverman says: "We need 5 per cent of the West Bank for the settlement blocks in exchange for unpopulated areas of the Negev, and we need strong security measures and help from the US."

Gee, used to that myth of 10% homosexuals.

Now Braverman is promoting a new 5% myth.


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