Saturday, December 25, 2010

This One Has It All: Intermarriage, Palestine, State Department, Settling

The wedding of Mina Guiahi, Roman Catholic Iranian and Jesse Levinson, Jewish:

...The couple had been introduced in July 2006 at the Seattle wedding of mutual friends. At the reception, the talkative and twinkle-eyed Mr. Levinson, who had worked in the West Bank and Pakistan...

...Mr. Levinson said, “I don’t think people with backgrounds as different as ours could have gotten together in many places, and New York is one of them.”

And then he was gone. While he worked with a provincial reconstruction team in Iraq, Ms. Guiahi dealt with a different kind of risk: co-managing her first portfolio at Diamondback Advisors as the financial markets crashed.

...(He is now an adviser with the State Department in Washington on Palestinian economic affairs.)

...Juan Gabarro, who knows Mr. Levinson well, said his friend can be “a bit mercurial,” and recalled the “settling effect” of Ms. Guiahi’s influence.

...They were married on Dec. 18 at the Harvard Club of New York in a ceremony that was officiated by the Rev. Gilbert Martinez, a Roman Catholic priest, and that incorporated elements from their Persian, Catholic and Jewish heritages. The couple sat on chairs atop a sofreh, a ceremonial spread that was covered with Persian wedding symbols including a mirror, candelabra, eggs, nuts, pomegranates, flat bread and spices...

At least, I think he's Jewish as his mother is Gail M. Donovan. Donovan?


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