Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trees Cut Down - But They Belong To A Jew


Some 150 trees were cut down Monday morning in an agricultural field near the settlement of Barkan in the northern West Bank.

The owner of the land, Yitzhak Shemesh, accused Palestinians from the nearby village of Brukin of stealing the trees. "Despite their efforts, we'll continue to build and grow fruit in the Land of Israel," he said after filing a complaint with Shomron Sub-District Police.

The older avocado, olive and almond trees that could not be uprooted were severely damaged.

Police launched an investigation into the incident.

Shemesh estimated the damage at tens of thousands of shekels. "I was shocked to see my life's work completely ruined," he told Ynet. "The trees I had planted and cultivated for years are uprooted and crushed.  Even more than the loss of money, we are hurt by the sheer barbarism and cruelty of those who are capable of doing something like this," he added.

...Shomron Regional Council head Gershon Mesika said Monday's incident was the 30th since the harvest season began. He said anarchists and foreign activists are encouraging the Palestinians to act against the settlers.
 Yes, they do destroy trees.


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Suzanne Pomeranz said...

It has been PROVEN time and again that the Arabs have no love for nor real connection to the land. They not only cut down trees, they set fire to forests and dump garbage in streams which pollute the ground water.

And then, they have the nerve to protest, saying how much they love the land. Don't be fooled - they are NOT from here; they have no real connection here; if they really loved the land, the would not do these things.