Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Economic Cooperation Can Lead to Peace

The PA exhibits commonsense:

PA lightens ban on working in settlements Jewish communities to ease Palestinian unemployment

Figures show number of Palestinians employed in settlements Jewish communities has increased to nearly 35,000; PA legislation barring employment there would be an economic blow to Palestinian population...

...The settlements Jewish communities and laborers who work in them have a mutually beneficial relationship, and settlement Jewish community construction relies on Palestinian labor. Many Palestinian workers who do not have permission to work in Israel proper find employment in the settlements Jewish communities.

According to Israeli figures from September 2009 that were provided to the PA's donor countries, 22,000 Palestinians were working with Israeli permission in the settlements Jewish communities, including the settlements' Jewish communities' industrial zones. Non-governmental organizations have said, however, that about 10,000 other Palestinians are working in the settlements Jewish communities without formal permission, mainly in seasonal agricultural work.




YMedad said...

the on-line text is here.

Anonymous said...

If the PA is so concerned about Palestinian employment that it will let 35,000 workers be employed in the settlements, then its time to boycott Palestinian employment -- till the PA changes the contracts require settlement-boycott-enforcement for the 20 Israeli firms building Rawabi...