Wednesday, December 29, 2010

American Tax Dollars

One of the more recent lines of attack on Israel, I have noticed, is the use of the money angle, which has always been an antisemitic staple - Jews/money.

For example, this comment is over at The Lede blog of the NYTimes.  The post notes the arrest and sentencing of an anarchist in Israel, a pro-Pal. activist.  I won't go into the merits of the specific case - which could be argued.

But all this comment leaver does is write "your American Tax dollars at work":

How, exactly, are American tax dollars "at work" here?  Do they, as with many USAID -funded projects in the Palestinian Authority, directly influence what happens?  Exactly how much of American tax dollars end up in Israel or, as the case is, are they expended in American as the terms of the grants in many cases specify that Israel is obligated to use American firms in projects?  Could it be that the anarchist is actually guilty?

I think you will find many of these type of "financial" messages left all over the web and I would presume they are part of a plan.


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