Friday, December 24, 2010

BBC Bongling

"Bongling" like in 'mindbongling'.

I just saw a report from Bethlehem on the BBC (3:20 PM Israel Time). Impact.

The reporter is in Bethlehem and on the one hand, notes the secure atmosphere drawing thousands of tourists and pilgrims but points out the difficulty getting into the city from Israel because of the security barrier.

The next item is on the Iraqi Christians killed and how a wall has been built around their church to protect them came too late for the 40+ murdered religious martyrs.

Does not the editor have any idea what the BBC is broadcasting?

What's good for Iraqi Christians is bad for Jews in Israel?

Here's the text:

In Bethlehem -

It's an edited-down version but at 2:08 you can hear part of what I am referring to above.

and On Iraq -
Since that attack the government has stepped up security outside this and other churches, deploying armed police and installing blast walls.

But they came too late for the people who lost their lives that day, and it will take more than concrete barriers to persuade many Christians that they are still safe in Iraq.

At least we didn't get this message via the BCC:

Jesus was a Palestinian - "no one denies that" says PA TV

One of the ways the Palestinian Authority attempts to create a Palestinian history is to deny the Judean/Jewish nationality of Jesus, and misrepresent him as a "Palestinian."

Palestinian Media Watch has documented this ongoing Palestinian Authority historical revision. Recently on PA TV, the author Samih Ghanadreh from Nazareth was interviewed about his book "Christianity and Its Connection to Islam."



Juniper in the Desert said...

Dear Yisrael,hopefully al beeb will broadcast themselves into non-existance.If they had to support themselves like other channels, noone would tune in!

Jed said...

I saw it too, the same happened on CNN, talking about Iraq's wall protecting Christians. Immediately after that how Israel's fence against terror is hurting Bet Lehem. I guess it's not the terror that's bad, it's the fence. Cruel anti terror fence!