Sunday, December 26, 2010

Plaut Makes A Point

Haaretz reports that a group of “intellectuals” is calling on Netanyahu to fire all rabbis who signed the earlier call for Jews not to rent or sell property to Arabs in predominantly Jewish areas. Among the signers were Prof. Joseph Algassi (Tel Aviv University, philosophy), a leading proponent of the “One-State Solution” in which Israel will be obliterated and replaced by a Rwanda-style bi-national state with an Arab majority (see). Also signing was Prof. Haim Adler from the Hebrew University (education),
and Prof. Aliza Shenhar, the leftist head of the Galilee College (who was a Rector at Haifa University).

None of these same people called for firing leftwing anti-Zionist professors in Israel who call on people not to rent and sell property to Jews in East Jerusalem.


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