Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shyne On!

Have you heard of Shyne?




I vaguely remember the shooting incident but here I was, sitting five feet from the famous rapper and the soon-to-be good-will ambassador for Belize and Israel:

He's Jewish.  Learns with Belze Rabbis.

And that's a Free Jonathan Pollard T-shirt he's wearing:-

I'll be sorting out my notes, so come back soon.

World tour starting in late January, two albums to be released April and hopefully, a pardon so he can enter the US again.

From my notes:

...it's a miracle...I'm moving forward...transformation is what my move to Israel is...the country is the land of my soul...where my sould resides...religion is about connection...it's about doing good, ethics...[on Pollard] how long must he be in?  unfair. how long before you consider he has made atonement.  when do we forgive?  I identify with his situation...my life has been divine orchestration...I identify with Moses as one who was in Pharoah's house, figuratively...hip-hop is true soul music, reble music...I try to learn sometimes as much as 12 hours a day...I'm working for the poor and the disenfranchised...I don't look for validation from Rabbis...I help with the Belz outreach of Lev Yisrael...I think most Israelis care for the Arabs/Palestinians and I hope I can help even though I know that Israel does what he needs to in order to prevent terror...with Belize I want to share a dream with a country...

Bonus, a short video clip:




From Diddy:

One last thing: Have you gotten a chance to speak to Shyne?
I haven’t spoken to him. He had reached out to me. I haven’t connected with him. I spoke to him before he got out.

He's in Israel now.
Yeah. I heard he’s doing pretty good. I think he’s almost a rabbi or something.



Charley J. Levine said...

My favorite Shyne-line at the event was: "I'd rather have 12 people judging me than 6 people carrying me."

That's urban talk for "If one comes to slay you, slay him first."

Anonymous said...