Thursday, October 21, 2010

What The Pals. Really Think

Further to my post yesterday, here comes more bad news for the US from a report, Palestinian Pulse, a review of Arab conversations, discussions and debates on social media sites:-

• The Islamist Hamas faction shows little desire for a negotiated peace with Israel. On this issue, the faction’s supporters showed no apparent disagreement with Salafists such as al-Qaeda.

• The Fatah faction, which is the current Palestinian representative in U.S.-led peace talks, is in disarray. Its supporters break down into two factions of roughly equal strength: one that supports non-violence, and one that seeks armed conflict and terrorism against Israel.

• The three-year conflict between Hamas and Fatah is not likely to end soon. The two sides regularly trade barbs online, and FDD found little evidence of rapprochement. Hamas was more interested in rapprochement with the Salafist factions.

• There is little evidence that Palestinians are prepared to challenge Iran’s vast influence in the Gaza Strip, where it is prevalent, or in the West Bank, where its influence is less clear.

• Palestinian reform factions are weak and have little influence online, raising red flags about institution building and/or liberalization.

Of course, we all know that but why should the US Administration, the State Department, the President, the Secretary of State and their advisors think they can get away with forcing "Palestine" down Israel's throat when this is the reality?

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NormanF said...

The Administration doesn't care.

Let's move closer to home. Only 30% of Palestinians support the talks vs 78% of Israelis who do.

It is time for the latter to start waking up and begin to realize the Palestinian Arabs are uninterested in peace with Israel and its time for Israel to stop with foolishly pursuing a "peace process" that promises no real return.

Its time for Israel to get on with business postponed for 17 years. The sooner the country attends to it, the better off it will be.