Friday, October 29, 2010

And Israel Has Odd Legislation?


The New Zealand government on Friday passed legislation clearing the way for two "Hobbit" films to be made in the country despite stiff protest by opposition lawmakers, who said it was a "day of shame."

The government's decision to rush through amended labor laws, part of the deal made with Warner Bros. Pictures to keep director Peter Jackson's lucrative project in his native New Zealand, has split public opinion.

...The government said announced a deal on Wednesday to keep the films in New Zealand, although it was forced to hand over tens of millions of dollars for the privilege...Included in the deal was an offer of $25 million, some $15 million of that in tax breaks, and the law changes, which were pushed through without the normal process of referral to a parliamentary committee and public submissions.

...said opposition lawmaker Charles Chauvel. "This is a government which, in the words of the Financial Times today, has reduced New Zealand to client status of an American film studio."

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