Friday, October 22, 2010

Finally, I Can Quote Roger Cohen Happily (Almost)


the rapid White House-to-wipe-out course of Middle Eastern diplomacy

He continues, though, and asserts:

Palestine can’t get born if the land for it keeps eroding

Wait! Isn't that how Israel got born?

First, the 1919 borders were truncated.

The in 1922, we lost TransJordan.

In 1937, there was this partition plan. Peel.

In 1938, another partition plan. Woodhead. (and here and here).  And another.

In 1944, Churchill was mulling another.

And in 1947, the UN recommended another.

None of which the Arabs accepted.

Now, some Cohen punditry:-

1.  "Netanyahu’s push for up-front Palestinian recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” is a non-starter. The Palestine Liberation Organization has recognized Israel; it’s not going to get into the state’s nature. In reality the “Jewish state” opening gambit is an attempt to settle the Palestinian refugee issue ahead of discussion of other final-status questions like borders. That can’t work."

Cohen, but that's the whole point.  If Israel doesn't condition that, there's no Israel.  That's a Pal. gambit to eradicate Israel demographically.

2.  "If there is enough momentum by the second half of next year to suggest Palestinian statehood is a train leaving the station, a majority of Palestinians in Gaza will board it. Then peace becomes a political dilemma for Hamas."

That, Mr. Cohen, is wrong. Gaza is Iranian, basically.  They will not go along.

3.  "There will be no Palestinian state without East Jerusalem as its capital."

To echo Abbas, they can call what they want, but they ain't getting any Jerusalem.

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And I put up a version at Green-Lined at the JPost:

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