Monday, October 18, 2010

The Poisoned Tree Story

I finally located a picture of a "poisoned" olive tree that was supposedly chemically treated at a grove near Turmos-Aya.

Here it is:

Credit:  Karim Jubran of B'tselem

Any arborist out there that could assist here?

Is that a poison hole?  What, besides poison, could cause any withering or discoloration, as claimed?



yoni said...

when i worked in a mango grove in the jordan valley, we used to drill holes just like that in the tree trunks to enable the "injection" of nutrients the trees needed, and maybe other things too, like pesticides or whatever. mangoes are not native to the area and require some special care. olives, however, don't (as far as i know). however, the various ways that "our boys" could cause damage to "their trees" are so numerous and varied and simple, it seems odd that they would go to so much trouble, with a (noisy) screw gun and who knows what chemicals, to damage a few trees. i rode past turmos yesterday on a bus with miraculously clear windows and looked for such damage. none was evident from the road, including the shilo access road. the turmus trees seem to be in the bloom of health. so whatever happened here, it must have been a very few trees, and again, the risk vs. the damage allegedly caused makes this very suspicious. you know better than i do the details of the "olive conflict" around this time of year, but this accusation strikes me as bogus. fwiw.

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