Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Badmouthing at Darmouth

I left this comment

Since Prof. Pressman surely has been trained in rigorous methods of scholarship and research, can I ask: you claim that “Settlements are an obstacle to peace”. However, prior to 1967 when Israel assumed the administration of Judea and Samaria in a defensive war, there was no Israeli occupation nor any so-called settlements in the area (there were Jewish communities there before 1948 [4 kibbutzim in Gush Etzion; Neveh Yaakov and Atarot north of Jerusalem; Bet Haareavah at the Dead Sea; Hebron, Gaza, Nablus and Jenin until 1929; but all were ethnically cleansed of Jews either in the Mandate riots or the Arab aggressive war against the UN partition resolution]) - but there was no peace. In the 1950s, Arab terror, of the fedayeen killed hundreds of Israelis until 1956 and then in 1964, the Fatah was founded by the PLO. So, why was there no peace then and additionally, what problem of the Arabs then will dismantling of Jewish communities today solve?

And did you discuss the 1924 Anglo-American Covention that recognized the Jewish right to reconstitute its national home in areas including Judea and Samaria and Gaza in your talk? See:

At the Darmouth College campus newspaper.


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