Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So, Ascherman Is A "Fig-Leaf" Cover for "Arab Olives"

Even in Haaretz:

Near Har Bracha, a verbal confrontation erupted yesterday between Jewish farmer Erez Ben Sa'adon and Rabbi Arik Ascherman, the head of Rabbis for Human Rights. Ascherman claimed Ben Sa'adon was harvesting olives that belonged to Palestinians from nearby Karyut. Ben Sa'adon, whose nearby vineyard had been destroyed by unidentified parties the previous night, said he had leased that plot for the past 12 years and the olives were his.

Civil Administration officials were called to resolve the dispute, and they summoned the mayor of Karyut - who admitted that the trees belonged to Ben Sa'adon.

By the way, it wasn't at Ha Bracha, as far as I know, but near Rachelim where Ben-Saadon lives.

Ascherman put on a show for the reporters, screaming "it's a desecration of God's name" and running around for a few minutes before being assured that the journalists were sufficiently impressed by his fake histrionics.

In Hebrew, we have a term, "eved nirtza", a house servant who refuses to leave even after his indentured period is over and to make sure that all know he yielded on his freedom, his earlobe was to be punctured.

[Here: A servant sold by the court has his ear pierced should he decide to remain in service beyond the six years. This physical imprint labels him as a slave; it marks the change in his personal status.]

Such a poor soul.

I am still investigating his other claims, which, given logic, may be true or part true. In any case, any criminal act or non-defensive violence is, of course, to be condemned, as I do, and attempts made to halt it.


Anonymous said...

yes, Ascherman is a poor soul. I once watched him in a public place having a long discussion on a public telephone with someone who was trying to persuade him to do something. And he kept insisting that he wanted to do the right thing. So he seems to be psychologically manipulated by this handler.

Anonymous said...

This is back from 2003, but you can see the pattern. It's a story about when he pulled a similar stunt and then the police found evidence that he was lying and asked him to take al ie detector test, which he refused...


Rabbi Arik Ascherman said...

IMRA said that I refused a lie detector test, but wasn't available for comment because I was abroad. Really...

exposicion muebles madrid said...

To my mind one and all must go through this.