Friday, October 15, 2010

Sternhell's Hell

The Hebrew University's far-left professor is at it again.

Ze'ev Sternhell writes:-

In the right's view, Negotiations on partitioning the land are an existential danger because they recognize the Palestinians' equal rights, and thereby undermine the Jews' unique status in Eretz Israel.


In his take on the new amendment to the Citizenship Law (loyalty oath), he presumes prepare hearts and minds for exclusive Jewish control of the population of the entire land, it is necessary to cling to the principle that what really matters in the lives of human beings is not what unites them, but rather what separates them. And what separates people more than history and religion?

So, Sternhell thinks the Arabs have equal rights and moreover, thinks 'rightists' think that way as well. Now, not only is that quite simply wrong, a complete misrepresentation, but it is hubris for him to assume that. Not that smart, professor.

Arabs have full rights in the state of Israel, as my mentor, Professor Israel Eldad wrote, but no rights to the state or, in his original Hebrew, the Land of Israel. Citizens are equal before the law, which, by the way, is a two-way street. If indeed, due to history and religion, the Arabs cannot be loyal to the Jewish and democratic state of Israel, well, no citizenship. Residency rights, fine. Police protection as well. But that should require taxes paid, at the least, if not national volunteer service.

As if we don't have enough trouble, Sternhell creates his own hell for us in Israel.

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