Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great News - Initiative for Israel

The Emergency Committee for Israel launched an Independent Expenditure PAC. This “Super-PAC” will run television ads through election day, educating voters about candidates who have signed the notorious “Gaza 54” letter and who have failed to support strong US backing for Israel.

ECI PAC's first ad -- which can be viewed at www.ecipac.org -- will air twice during this evening's National League Championship Series between the Phillies and Giants. It will be broadcast throughout the Philadelphia media market. The ad follows an earlier ad campaign in Pennsylvania by ECI that helped elevate Joe Sestak's record of hostility to Israel into a major factor in the Senate race in that state.

Between now and election day, ECI PAC will air futher ads that will help to bring to the attention of American voters the records of incumbents in several tightly-contested congressional races, with the goal of making sure the next Congress supports a strong U.S.-Israel alliance.

ECI PAC's website can be viewed here:

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Juniper in the Desert said...

They are great! Why are Brit Jews so pathetic?