Sunday, October 24, 2010

Out of the Mouths of 'Babes'

She says:

Resistance can be through music.
Palestinian hip hop, for example, is very popular.

The 'she' is Anne Baltzer. Her site.

She is, it appears, almost venerated.  Saint Anne:

But she is quite a presentable person:

And Jewish, too.
But she is dangerous.


Is that what gets people excited about "resistance"?

The only hip-hop I ever see is when a Arab youngster is running forward to throw a stone.

Was that flip over the hood of David Be'eri's car a hip-hop?



NormanF said...

If I was her father, she would have been dead to me.

What is it with Jews who hate their own people, I can never fathom.

Some saint, indeed.

yoni said...

hiphop was indeed, at the beginning, a "resistance" music- specifically by and about african-americans. it developed into various forms and was incorporated into the musics of various "peoples", and i know there are now various forms of arab and persian "hiphop". but i would like to see the evidence that some specific form of palestinian hiphop (which does exist, i don't deny) is actually POPULAR. also, the palestinian "resistance" includes many things that the african-american "resistance" didn't include in the early 80's like, for instance, missiles and terror attacks which ARE documantably "popular" among palestinians. "palestinian hiphop" is almost, but not quite, an oxymoron. and presenting it as if it were a popular form of resistance is just ridiculous. halavi. if only it were so.