Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quoted in a Story on the US Consulate-General and YESHA

In Yisrael HaYom:-

Sorry for the delay in providing a translation.  The story deals with the activities of the US Jerusalem Consulate-General (which reports directly to Washington and has always been independent of the Embassy.

The section above notes that I have bee engaged with the Consulate for a quarter of a century and that I regret that the YESHA Council did not adequately employ a Foreign Desk unit that would employ the latent power of upwards of 15,000 American citizens residing in Judea and Samaria, and before that in Gaza.  I note there that Senators and others have visited my home and I was able to elucidate Zionism to them.  I meet with Consulate officials who receive open information as there are few secrets today.  I am invited for the Independence Day event and I enjoy being seen there by Peace Now and other anti groups.

The US views us as an element and I am satisfied that I have done a job in preventing a one-sided story.


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