Saturday, December 19, 2009

Left, Out (From this week's Zohar commentary

178. He opened the discussion with the verse, "Do not say, I will repay evil" (Mishlei 20:22)[Proverbs]. Come and behold: The Holy One, blessed be He, created man so he would strengthen himself in the Torah and walk the way of truth, staying on the right side and avoiding the left. Because MEN should walk on the right side, they have to increase love between them, AS LOVE IS OF THE RIGHT SIDE, and avoid hatred among them, AS HATRED IS OF THE LEFT SIDE, so as not to weaken the right, which is the place to which Yisrael cleave.

179. Come and behold: For this purpose, the Good Inclination and the Evil Inclination exist. Yisrael should make the Good Inclination master over the evil through good deeds. If a man turns to the left, the Evil Inclination overpowers the good, and the defective one, THE EVIL INCLINATION, is made whole through his sin, for the ugly one only becomes whole through men's sins.

180. A man should therefore be careful lest the Evil Inclination be made whole through his sins. He should always be guarded, to make whole the Good Inclination instead of the evil. Therefore, "Do not say, I will repay (also: 'complete') evil" BECAUSE THROUGH HATRED YOU SHALL INCREASE THE POWER OF THE LEFT AND COMPLETE THE EVIL INCLINATION. Only say, "wait on Hashem, and He will save you."


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