Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shchem - Here They Come

Lending a shoulder (*):

There will be a rally at the south entrance to Shchem [okay, Nablus for all you not-in-the-know] this Saturday night, Motzei Shabbat, with Adi Ran and Sinai Tor plus speeches and a video, "Returning to Shchem".


(*) Shchem, in Hebrew, in addition to being the name of the capital of Samaria, means shoulder.


Shechem (shē`kəm), town, central ancient Palestine, the modern Tell Balatan, between Mts. Gerizim and Ebal, near Nablus, Heb. Shechem, city (2003 est. pop. 127,000). Excavations in the 20th cent. indicate a village there c.3500 B.C. Shechem's greatest period began c.1700 B.C. when the Hyksos rebuilt it. According to patriarchal narratives in the Book of Genesis, it was visited by Abraham, and Jacob built an altar to God there. Jacob pastured his flocks near Shechem; his well remains a landmark. The rape of Dinah, Jacob's daughter, by Shechemites provoked Jacob's sons to plunder the city. As related in the book of Joshua, after the Canaanite conquest, Hebrew tribes gathered at Shechem. Solomon's son Rehoboam was crowned (c.930 B.C.) there; Jeroboam I, first king of the northern kingdom of Israel. "built" Shechem. Thus it was the first northern capital, before Samaria. A small community of Samaritans still live in the area.

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