Monday, December 28, 2009

Uri Tzvi Greenberg in a NYTimes Blog

Another entry at Schott's Blog at the NYTimes.

This time a bit of Uri Tzvi Greenberg:

נאהב יהודים

…We will love ourselves: Jews who are swordless, hated!
Together we’ll pray the prayer of great fraternity,
for it is holy as the living blood running at the feet of the murderer;
for it is pure as the tear in the orphaned infant’s eye.
The non-Jews open before us the fire and the sea
and we have chosen: life and the reestablishment of our kingdom.
Shoulder to shoulder! So that there should be no space between a Jew’s body and his comrade, crowded together!!
A congregation of Jews awaiting the Messiah.

The original can be found in his Collected Works, Vol. III, p. 60.

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