Sunday, December 20, 2009

HH #248


My submissions didn't seem to get over.

Here they are, my submissions:

The question of Arab disloyalty is treated by MyRightWord

Yisrael Medad has a problem with Reform Rabbis for Human Rights Arik Ascherman and not over theology

And Yisrael Medad has been unfacebooked, another problem.

At his Arutz 7 blog, Yisrael Medad has some advice for Temple Mount activists:

And at his Jerusalem Post blog, Yisrael Medad notes a difference:

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Anonymous said...

I do apologize. I never got your submissions. I did post your comment WITH your links. Submissions were closed just prior to Shabbos. If you submitted after that, perhaps they were forwarded to next week's host.