Saturday, December 26, 2009

How Many of You Think Tony Is Racist?


Tony who?

The Tony who wrote this:

Racist Zionist Colonist Killed In West Bank Shooting

Tony doesn't know anything about the victim. All he can do and seeks to do is stereotype him, present him as an object, not as a human being, as someone to be hated, despised.

Tony is a liberal, a progressive, a radical, a leftist.

Tony is a racist.

Tony is a violent person. He has this poll question at his blog:

Do you think that it is time for the Palestinians to launch a third Intifada, to stop reacting to a dead "peace process" and to take the initiative?

The results so far are 130 votes total:

Yes 66% 86
No 34% 44

"Tony" seems to be one Dr. Antone Sayegh.

Anyone know anything about him?


vini_q said...

No I think you are a racist. Your bio says it all and your arrogant face. You are a Zionist hate monger seeking to place your sin upon a liberal. Maybe you should sacrifice him on a mountain?

He makes a good point. The only "racism" is in your prejudiced mind.

YMedad said...

Vini Q: No, I am not. But, you, Sir, are an idiot and quite unintelligent as well.

Abe Bird said...

Let them start the war again. But this time we have to act accordingly and not as "mediators" and push the Arab terrorists and their families out of Western Palestine (Only the terrorist! and not the whole Arab population, of course). Let them play this time into the hand of Israel.