Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Galloway's Libel and a Bit of Anti-Semitism

George Galloway should be sued for writing this:

But the revelation in the Israeli parliament in recent days that the body parts of Palestinian prisoners were systematically harvested without the knowledge or consent of their families has had an impact in these parts which it is difficult to overstate.
"Pal. prisoners"?

Sorry there but a decade ago, mainly Jewish corpses, the majority soldiers, and a few Arab corpses at Abu Kabir had corneas, a bit of skin and other minor post mortem surgery done. It was stopped after the law was refined. I treated it here briefly.

No "prisoners".

No "Palestinians".

No "system".

And those so operated on were dead - from Galloway's syntax, you would think they were still alive at the time.

Does anyone think Galloway needs a brain transplant?

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yoni said...

galloway is simply an evil man, he's been up to this kind of shtus for a long time, it's how he makes his living. i don't want to see him sued, i want to see the earth open up and swallow him.