Sunday, December 20, 2009

Defining "Settler"

At a new web site devoted to definitions, I found this:


“In the majority of cases such lands are either cleared or partly cleared, and the settler is able to put in a crop right away, providing he obtains possession at a seasonable time."

American Heritage Dictionary:

1. noun One who settles in a new region.
2. noun One who settles or decides something.


"Prime Minister Olmert called the settler rampage a "pogrom," the word used to describe anti-Semitic violence in 19th and early"
"This settler was walking alone, needing no group to support him either physically or morally."
"Last week, a settler was killed, ostensibly in retaliation for the murder According to an Israeli human rights organization, only a handful of cases of murder were investigated. " — Palestine Blogs aggregator
"'A settler is always an outsider who does not have the same claim as other people of a country," said Mulder. " — IOL: News
"Olmert called the settler attacks "brutal and unacceptable" and declaring that "pogroms against non-Jewish residents" would not be tolerated. " — It's Almost Supernatural

The proper word is revenant.

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