Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Looking North; Looking East

From the hill where I live in Shiloh.

a) north to Eli -

b. And in the distance, the eastern neighborhood of Ariel and Tapuach (to the right)

c) Looking into Jordan, east -

d) Givat Achiyah at the left and on the horizon, Moab Hills -


jonathan becker said...

too bad i'm boycotting your blog or i would post a comment saying ach, shilo is a beautiful town, with beatiful views, and we're very lucky to live here, and i'm glad your own appreciation is reflected in the photos you post.

just kidding about boycotting. but i do wish you would involve yourself more in the comments.

YMedad said...

A writer and an artist create and then leave it for the public to judge.

If you assume I have made an egregious error of fact or do not understand a point I am making, I will try to respond.

Time is of the essence, lad.

Thanks for stopping by.

But a real good knock-down argument I'll make exceptions to.