Monday, December 28, 2009

A Year Later - and No Wiser

Here's NGO Monitor's Press Release

One Year Later, NGOs Recycling the Gaza Myths
December 27, 2009

Marking the first anniversary of the Gaza war, many NGOs are publishing reports that repeat allegations based on unverifiable evidence and often false claims.

• Before the war, many NGOs ignored the 8000 rocket attacks from Gaza, the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, and internal Palestinian violence...

• NGO superpowers like HRW and Amnesty...den[ied] the evidence that Hamas had used the population of Gaza as human shields.

• HRW’s report, entitled ‘Precisely Wrong’ (June 2009), accuses Israel of using highly accurate drones...NGO Monitor shows that HRW provides no substantive evidence for these claims.

• Many NGO reports classified members of Hamas forces as “civilians”...

• On December 31, 2008, B'Tselem accused the IDF of committing “war crimes” by "targeting" police personnel who were not “directly participating in the hostilities”...

• The NGO network, largely funded by European governments, has been centrally responsible for advancing “war crimes” cases against Israeli officials...

• NGOs were central to the Goldstone Report (the content of which was “cut-and-paste” from these publications) which calls for United Nations and International Criminal Court action against Israel.

B'tselem is keeping up their 'good' work (see here).

Remember go here to get the view of last year.

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