Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Funeral Procession in Meah Shearim

Rebbe Avraham Goldman, the seventh Admor in the Zvill dynasty (*), died and here is one picture:

That's Meah Shearim Street



Zvill (Zvyahel) is a Hasidic dynasty originating with Rabbi Moshe of Zvill, the son of Rabbi Yechiel Michael, the Magid (Preacher) of Zlotchov. Rabbi Moshe passed away in 1831 and was succeeded by his son Rabbi Mordechai. The original town of Zvyahel is located today in the Ukraine and is known as Novograd Volynski. The custom to call themselves Zvil instead of Zvyahel can be attributed to several reasons: 1) similarity between Zvill and Zvul - one of the holy Temple names; 2) a matter of difficulty to write the Ukrainian word Zvyahel in English, or Hebrew.

And on Yehiel Mikhel of Zlotchov see here by Mor Altshuler, a friend of mine.

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