Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here They Come - 60,000 +

Well, about 15 years ago or so, I wrote somewhere (this was before the Blog/Facebook/Twitter age) that all the Pals. need is to march on fence - with their sheer numbers they'll be awesome and with children and women in front, is the IDF prepared?

Well, are they prepared?

For this?

I’m Going on the Gaza Freedom March

In less than a week, three of us from Alliance of Community trainers will join 1300 other people in Cairo to begin a Gaza Freedom March...On the anniversary of the Israeli assault...we will attempt to enter Gaza through the Rafah border to meet with human rights groups and civil society activists and to bear witness to the continuing devastation...On December 31, we’ll be joined by sixty rhousand Gazans in a nonviolent march to the Israeli border at Erez, to demand the siege be lifted.

...Without justice for the Palestinians, there can be no security or peace for Israelis. Whether Antiochus wears a toga or a turban or a tallis, I’m not on his side. “We’re not Israelis, we’re not Palestinians—we are people standing together for justice,” a young Israeli activist once said to me. In the next weeks, I hope to stand together, with Jews, Christians, Muslims and other Pagans, with people from forty-five different countries, and with the people of Gaza themselves, to cry out for justice.

I’m asking for your support, on a number of levels. First—to hold us in your thoughts, send us energy, protection, to visualize gates opening before us, borders dissolving, roads being clear.

Next, to be on standby if we need political pressure or public support—not just for us, but for the people of Gaza and the Occupied Territories. I’ll be posting accounts to here on this blog, to my Facebook page, to my own listserve which you can join at Goddess help me, I may even set up a Twitter account—if so, I’ll announce it on all of the above. Solidarity vigils and marches are already being planned...

Will Hamas permit this? Will they exploit the presence of these persons in some invidious fashion? After all, they have shot over the heads of their own demonstrators.

Two weeks wait.


Anonymous said...

Without justice for the Palestinians, there can be no security or peace for Israelis. ..that's good statement.

YMedad said...

I agree. And without justice for the Jews, plus security, the same. Now, what is your definition or parameters of justice? Forget peace - justice.