Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Eldad Haggadah

The Eldad Hagadah has been published.

Yesterday, we were at the Knesset offices of Professor MK Arieh Eldad on the occasion of the publication of a Pesach Haggadah accompanied with selections culled from his father's writings. His father, Professor Israel Eldad, was a thinker, philospher and ideologist of the national Zionism camp.

My idea, we found some 100 articles, columns, and lectures that were, in one way or another, connected to the holiday of Pesach (Passover) and from these, Yeudah Etzion edited them into the traditional text of the book. It is some 130 pages long with 50 pages in a second part including the full texts of some 20 articles from which material was taken.

Some pictures from the Knesset event:

Prof. MK Eldad and myself:

(l-r): Roni Eldad, illustrator; Yehudah Etzion, editor; Prof. MK Eldad;

Yisrael Medad; Shiloh Lifshitz, Bet-El publisher

The Haggadah

Yehudah Etzion

Roni Eldad

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Eretz Yisroel Ha Shleima! Rak Kahk!
Ben Temalion

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Chaise Declared: "Brilliant!"

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